Hot Bowl-to-Go (Cooked)

Pick a broth: Chicken, Beef, Veggie, Miso, Kimchi, Thai, Seafood
Pick a protein: Ribeye, Short Rib, Lamb, pork belly, pork shoulder, chicken breast, chicken thigh, shrimp, baby octopus, salmon, basa, tofu
*additional protein $3
Pick a veggie: Chinese cabbage, bokchoi, choi cum, ongchoi, cabbage, bean sprout, enoki mushroom, button mushroom
*additional veggie $2
Pick a starch: Udon, ramen, long rice, vermicelli, pho noodle, rice
*additional starch $ 2
Pick a sauce: sate, house special, ponzu, sesame, bean curd, black bean, hot sauce
*additional sauce $ .50
Cost: $12
Call to order: (808) 941-1115

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