Our Story

After a six-week mission to Vietnam in 2009, Kim-Dung Nguyen realized how much she missed her daily hot pot meals. Upon realizing there were no hot pot restaurants in Hawaii, Kim convinced her then boyfriend (and now husband), Jimmy Tran's mom to make a hot pot meal for her. Together, they had the idea of opening a hot pot restaurant. On June 29, 2010 Hot Pot Heaven opened their doors at the McCully Shopping Center.

Hot Pot Heaven has developed a strong following of regular customers who love the authentic Vietnamese hot pot meals. The menu has also expanded to include other regional flavors, and even a Hawaii broth. The most popular flavor is the Thai broth, a favorite among Hot Pot Heaven customers. A color-coded plate system was adopted to simplify the ordering process, and enables customers to easily customize their hot pots.

With the strong support of family, friends, and all their die hard customers, Hot Pot Heaven has defied the odds and recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. What started as a passion project by two people with no restaurant experience, Hot Pot Heaven has since expanded with two franchise operations in Pearl Kai Shopping Center, and Kapolei . *Both locations are under different ownership.

*During these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, Hot Pot Heaven is committed to the health and safety of their employees and customers. Barriers have been set up between tables to ensure protection for dine-in customers, disposable gloves are provided at the self-serve stations, and all sauces are available in portion cups. Please visit the expanded take out menu

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